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bit torrent not default and how do i watch on tv instead of making dvd


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need help.. somehow when i download a torrent it goes to bit lord so i uninstalled bit lord and when i try to download torrent nothing happens i have 14 torrents on bit torrent that finished a week ago. not sure what happened but now nothing i uninstalled and re-installed bit torrent.. i have a few laptops one xp one vista two win 7 and one win 8 still in the box.. (i cant help it i am addicted to buying laptops) all are downloading on bit torrent but this Toshiba win 7 ( i have 50Mbps internet speed) i know you are saying just use another laptop but i have them loaned out to daughter with all seasons of game of thrones and best friend with all seasons of true blood and my son has one for the sopranos.. win 8 is still in the box because i am so busy right now... also i need to know how to hook up my computer direct to my one year old wide screen tv.. do i get a usb or a hdmi.. if anyone can help i appreciate it

i am a bit old starting this but in my time i was the first to own IBM 1981 perdonasl compiter with floppy disc and i know all of you are much wiser to the new technologies of today.. lol so i know a bit but not all

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