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How do I get it to stop flushing to disk and start saving to disk?

The download is done in a few minutes, then it sits there for days "flushing to disk". Never happened before these "updates".

Also, I have noticed now when I download just one song from a collection of songs (and it actually saves to disk), it also saves two other songs that I didn't ask for. What's up with that?

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With what specific builds and what internet security software?

As for the "songs you didn't choose," it has to do with cross-file pieces.

Build 29626 32-bit

Avast free antivirus

Windows 7 built-in firewall

I understand the cross-file pieces, but it used to throw that stuff away when it was finished. And these are full songs, not just pieces of them.

I have been using BitTorrent for years and it's never - not once - saved a song that I didn't select. It also never got hung up on flushing to disk. Just wondering if BitTorrent has taken on the trend of "making it better by making it worse"....

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