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clients appear, bug it says "0 source"

Guest guiyom

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Hi there,

I have this problem with some torrents,

- http://torcache.net/torrent/61D72530B64C40192F62A5959D0E30B34A511B60.torrent?title=[kat.ph]flac.handel.water.music

- http://torcache.net/torrent/DB7BA4027F9A06A564BBB4522F74ABBEE6B14B11.torrent?title=[kat.ph]guitar.duo.ida.presti.alexander.lagoya.philips.3.cds

The download stops at a certain % and retrying won't fix it. Clients do appear in the bottom list, but it's written "0 sources" in the torrents list !

I tried to download files separately, with Bittorrent and µtorrent, and failed !...

Are this torrents corrupted ?

thanks in advance

william, france

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Damn, there is a "%" in the clients list, and yeah, it's under 100%

Just found the Händel Water Music directed by Gartiner, and it stops at 96%, well, shit. I'd rather f*** a duck than buying the original !!! F*** §§§§§§§

thanks for replying

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