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Downloading Problem


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I am a user of bit torrent from last 1year, from last 1year I didn't face any problem with bit torrent, but henceforth last 2days back, I am facing a lot of problems with bit torrent download, when ever i use to download any movie or any of my project files, it shows me error 'FORMER VOLUME NOT MOUNDED' this is the error what bit torrent applocation shows me while downloading files, so kindly request you please find the solution of this error and please update me as soon as possible. It's my humble request from the Bittorrent support team.



Farhan Chouhan.

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yes, i unplugged ma hard drive, now its working.

thank u.....

but i would like to ask u 1 question, why is it like this if we plug our external hard drive to our computer and download anything from bit torrent and it doesn't download, why it shows such kind of error...???

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