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Nervous about downloading EXE files


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More and more of the downloads in the Texts section of on my favorite public domain site, archive.org, are only available as EXE files.

I understand many of these have been created by torrent2exe, which makes downloading easier for those without BitTorrent installed.

I am cautious about downloading and running EXE files, because of the possible risks of malware and virus. How do others view these risks? I have BitTorrent Plus installed. Does this provide me any protection?


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I downloaded the free Bit Torrent but was greeted by a warning about possible damage to my Mac when I went to open the download.

I'm running OSX 10.8+ and I have good malware protection. So I wonder if I need to change settings somewhere to get around this. I don't proceed with opening exe files or other downloads when warnings like that arise.


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