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the associated helper application


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hi guys and gals.

ive been using utorrent for 9 years now, but im not super computer savvy.

suddenly today, my torrents stopped loading.

at first i thought it was because id uploaded the new torrent update and maybe the update was acting hinky.

but after some research online i think ive been blocked.

it was suggested to randomize my ports.

but before that i uninstalled and reinstalled utorrent.

i havent randomized my ports yet because i wanted to test the torrents since i reinstalled, and i got this message.

C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\57657128A581B02172431F8AF167BC125421DFAA-2.torrent could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.

im not sure what it means. i checked my preferences and it doesnt mention an associated helper application or anything like that.

any help you could give me, id greatly appreciate it.

im sure its a simple fix, but for someone who isnt so sure of what they are doing, its probably best if i defer to the pros.

thank you.

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(i read mr. feits response about utorrent, im guessing i was banned because both addressess were hotmail. i dont use anything else, so i guess that means i dont deserve help from them?)

so obi-feit-kenobe, will you help me instead?

i should mention that i just went and downloaded an older version of utorrent and everything works fine.

if its not beneath you though, i would sure like to know what the afore mentioned error was all about.

through your education, i can get more savvy, and never bother you again.

thank you for your time.

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It's a browser error, not a uTorrent/BitTorrent error, so fixing it is done in the preferences of your browser.

We don't provide support for uTorrent here.

And using old versions of uTorrent isn't supported on the utorrent forums, and old versions of BitTorrent aren't supported here.

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thank you for taking the time to answer me.

clearly i am not only computer inept but also unaware of the social rules of a bit torrent forum.

just out of curiosity, why do you Not provide support for utorrent here on this forum for bit torrent sites? (as i mentioned earlier, i wouldve happily used their forum, if they had allowed me to register.)

why is using older versions considered taboo? i find this especially confusing as i Know im not the only one having troubles with the new utorrent update.

thank you for making me a better computer person and helping me avoid these faux pas.

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This forum is for the BitTorrent client, not for uTorrent.

Supporting Old version is taboo because it's a waste of resources. Many of the problems people report have already been fixed in the current versions. It just ends up being a MASSIVE waste of time trying to maintain a support structure for ALL versions.

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