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Original files being permanently replaced by !sync files


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I set up full-access sync between ComputerA (D:\) and ComputerB (C:\Foo).

ComputerA D:\ is a portable drive with a lot of data. It contains files like MS Word documents and MYOB accounting data that are actively updated. The portable drive is sometimes unplugged.

ComputerB C:\Foo is a new, empty directory. It has never been written to by anything except BitTorrent Sync.

I have noticed files on ComputerA D:\ being replaced by identical files with a ".!sync" extension. The files stay in this state for an extended period of time, even when no transfers from ComputerA->ComputerB are currently active. There should be no reason for any transfers from ComputerB->ComputerA to occur.

For now, I have disabled BitTorrent sync on both computers and renamed these ".!sync" files back to their original filenames manually. Luckily, they all seem to be exact copies of the original files, which have disappeared into the void.

Can anyone explain this behaviour, and/or tell me what ".!sync" files are? It makes BitTorrent sync completely unusable for me.

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