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Unable to start/ update/ uninstall/ reinstall/ repair BitTorrent


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For a few weeks my BitTorrent version: has refused to start. All attempts result in massive amount of memory usage running upto 1.2 GB(after which my PC crashes) without the software starting.

All my attempts to update/ uninstall/ reinstall/ repair the software via the installer downloaded from the BitTorrent and other Download websites ended similarly. I have been able to install and update a variety of other softwares without any problem.

Please provide a solution or a method to transfer my (in progress) torrents from BitTorrent to other such programs like uTorrent.

Thanking you


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Honestly, it's not that hard to migrate torrents to other clients (migrate is the keyword you should be looking for, uTorrent has a specific guide on their site and in their help file for the process)

HOWEVER, the problems you describe indicate a conflict with other software on your machine that may have problems in other clients as well.

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