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Need help with torrent download location.


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Hi guys,

I have a OCZ Vertex 4 256gb SSD (C: drive) for Windows, a OCZ Solid 3 64gb (D: drive) for games, and a Hitachi 750gb HHD (E: drive) for backups and big downloads. I don't want to store large downloads on my SSD's. Therefore, I want to save my torrent files and all the files used by BitTorrent to my E: drive which is a 750gb HHD. What settings to I need to change to decrease writes to my SSD? I have created a folder called BitTorrent on my E: drive. Inside the folder I have a Complete and Incomplete folder. I want to save completed downloads to Complete and incomplete downloads to Incomplete. In the BitTorrent utility under directories I have changed the "Put new downloads in" folder as the Incomplete directory on the E: drive which is the HHD. I have set the "Move completed downloads to" directory to the Complete folder on the E: drive on the HDD. I have unchecked the box that says "Only move files from the default downloads directory". Is this the correct way to do it? Is there anything else I should change? I have included a screenshot to make my setup easier to understand.

Thank you,



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