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BitTorrent sync overwriting new files with very old files

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I currently have two devices syncing. An iMac with MacOS X Mountain Lion and a crappy dell (work) with Windows 7.

I am experiencing what I consider a fatal flaw/error in Bit Torrent Sync.

I keep having NEW files on the MacOS X machine overwritten by OLD files from the Windows 7 machine. I'll be working with several files (Matlab in the instance that I first noticed it) and an half hour or hour later, the new files are automatically being overwritten by old files. And yes, of course I'm saving the new files so that they have newer time stamps.

I tried pausing BitTorrent Sync and the problem goes away. I tried resuming syncing, and sure enough, BitTorrent Sync starts overwriting the new files with old ones again Close Sync and problem goes away. I don't understand how BitTorrent Sync can be screwing up something so basic - don't overwrite new files with old ones.

Any one have any fixes for this bug?

Thank you,


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