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Moving downloaded torrents from utorrent to bittorrent


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Hi All, I've decided to move from utorrent to bittorrent for my torrent downloads. I've set up bit torrent the same as utorrent . I have 4 folders I use, downloading torrents, finished torrents, downloading and downloaded. The 2 torrent folders are where the .torrent files go and the downloading and downloaded folders are where the actual download goes. Is it possible to get all my downloaded stuff from utorrent to start seeding using bittorrent? If I load up a .torrent file from the finished torrents file it starts downloading the whole file again even though there's already a finished file in the downloaded folder. Do I have to move everthing from the downloaded folder to the downloading folder then start all the torrents again? Also why can't I get the enter button to work :-(. Hope some of this makes sense

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