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Bittorrent files missing from job ~ Help !


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Hey guys new here mainly because I joined the torrent community and my first upload went completely haywire :unsure: .

I follow my steps as openly as possible for you to understand and possibly diagnose my problem:

First and foremost I opened bittorrent and created a new torrent,

followed by adding a directory (that hasn't been modified since i made it),

added some trackers,

clicked start seeding,

created and saved file as,

and it began seeding.

I then went to TPB and began to share my upload to the torrent community,

followed all instruction and it was finally posted. (link to post: http://thepiratebay....net_Discography)

TPB had a 0 seed count and a 0 leecher count at first, but then within half an hour it rose to 2 seed counts and 0 leecher counts. I then opened bittorrent to see my "Status:" bar turn from green to red with "Files Missing From Job".

I then decided to diagnose the problem myself, and force checked the torrent and it was stuck at 97.5%. forced started again after 10mins and stuck again.

This frustrated me and I decieded to delete the torrent and try to re-upload to TPB, but couldn't because it was already uploaded. Now today it has 10 leechers and a 0 seed count (which was me :wacko: )

What can I do??

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Undo the changes to the files in the torrent.

The files WERE changed if the re-check didn't come back as 100%.

How can i undo the changes in the torrent when I deleted the torrent from bittorrent?

The original torrent i used is in my music folder, but the one on my bitorrent is the one i'm trying to dl from TPB.

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