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Everything has 0 seeds? Empty torrents?


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Having some trouble downloading things!

Everytime I try to load up a torrent, it says there are 0 seeds. Ive tried this with several things, files that have hundreds of seeds listed but bittorrent wont load any of them.

Also, on piratebay when I choose "get this torrent" it takes me to the load prompt but is totally empty. Why does this give me empty files? If I finds a torrent with the green arrows I can get a file that has an actual file size, but again it get the problem of having 0 seeds :(

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Didn't want to create an other thread, same issue as described above. Everything was working fine till yesterday, I don't know what happened all of a sudden and have always used TPB for files.


Using Mac OS X 10.8.5

From India.

No security software.

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