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HELP - Error: Invalid download state, try resuming


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I am running 7.8.1.

I left BitTorrent running over night. When I went to bed I had about 10 files downloading and 5,000 plus files in completed status.

When I looked at the app this morning all but about 20 of the 5,000 plus files are now in Downloading status with the following message - Error: Invalid download state, try resuming. I don't see a place to even try resuming but I'm not sure that is even going to do the trick.

I have been doing some trouble shooting and have gotten a few files to re-check but then they start downloading again. I looked through the folders that the 5,000 plus downloaded files were originally sent to and any that I select play just fine meaning I don't need to re-download them I just need to get the status corrected.

Any ideas?

Also I just tried downloading a new file and it shows up as a status of - Checked 0.0%.

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I used a file that I knew had previously downloaded sucessfully and that I could view. I did a right click on this file in BitTorrent and selected Force Re-check. It changed the status to Checked 0.0%. I click on Start but the status nothing happens. The status remains Checked 0.0%.

I have over 5,000 files with an invalid status. Hopefully there is something short of re-downloading all these files that will correct the problem.

Can I go back to a previous relese and see if that will help?

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Build 30016 32 bit.

The latest status is that I uninstalled BitTorrent and downloaded and reinstalled BitTorrent.

The good news is that my downloads are working again. The bad news is that this new install does not show any of the thousands of files that I downloaded over the past years.

I am now looking to see if there is some type of sync that be done on the folders that these files are in.

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