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How to access bittorrent from a windows 8 standard account


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This is under Windows 8.

I recently set my wife up with a standard account. We had been using bittorrent on my admin account for some time. I've given her account access to the directories that we use for bittorrent but I cannot seem to get bittorrent itself to work on her account. I've changed the permissions on the .exe file and placed a shortcut on her desktop, but when you log in the shortcut cannot see the folder the .exe lives in. I tried downloading and installing it again from her account but that just seems to want to run bittorrent instead of installing it and prompts for my password everytime, even if I set the permissions.

I can't just let her use my account for it because I have secure files on my account to which I'm not allowed to let anyone have access.

I'm pretty new to doing anything with LUAs or Standard Accounts as we've always just used one admin account in the past.

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