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Strange behaviour after computer sleep


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I have a strange problem with BitTorrent 7.8 (build 29676, 32-bit). Operating system: Windows 8 x64.

I almost never shutdown my laptop. From the start everything was OK, but since some version of BitTorrent (I guess since 7.6), program can't seem to write anything to hard drive. While downloading, BitTorrent just writes everything to system memory (RAM) and it sits there. If download is "completed", green status bar shows Flushing to disk (xxxx) and nothing is happening. I check Task Manager and see, that memory used by BitTorrent is slightly above the downloaded file size (obviously, program itself needs some memory). No disk usage of BitTorrent whatsoever.

One more thing: if I try to exit program completely (File -> Exit OR Exit through tray icon), it doesn't exit. CPU usage is about 1-3%, it's running as a 'background' process. Then I have to kill process. When I open new BitTorrent (after killing), everything comes back to normal (and obviously nothing is downloaded as everything was saved to RAM) and download works.

What could I have done wrong with system/BitTorrent? I am almost sure that I haven't changed anything regarding to this in my configurations. BitTorrent is with default config.

P.S. I don't really want to shutdown my laptop everytime I need to put it in sleep, so kindly please don't advice me to do that :)

P.P.S. Tried to search for a similar problem - nothing found. If there is something that could solve my problem already, please, give me the link to that.

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