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Itunes and BitTorrent Sync


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I have been waiting for a solution like BitTorrent Sync for years so was really happy when it was launched and have been using it for a while now. I have experienced one major problem with it and that is in relation to my music.

I sync the entire 'my documents' folder between 3 computers. This includes my 'my music' folder with all my Itunes music and library files. Within a day or two I had lost all my playlists and my library had basically reset to new (no play counts etc.). The problem is that I really need to sync my music between machines. Sometimes I might have 2 machines turned on and will be playing music through Itunes on one of them and I think this in part causes the problem.

I am not tied to Itunes in any way and am happy to use another application if it means that I can sync my music (and playlists, play counts etc) between my computers.

Can anyone recommend a solution for me?

Thank you

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