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Downloading properly but not installing on vista


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i have downloaded the bit torrent file several times but its not able to install the latest version on my vista machine. i tried the same file on my xp machine there is no problem. when i double click on the file it basically does nothing,

secondly the old version 7.2.1 is installing well but for some reason am not able to download the files. it just keeps showing read that its not doing anything.

please advise how i can solve either one of the problems.

before i have used the 7.2.1 for a long time and never had a problem. i have also disabled my AVG firewall completely.

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I understand this thread is old, but I am a new member and I'm having the same problem. How do I unblock the exe file?


Right click the file, select properties, and in the resulting dialog click the "Unblock" button and then "OK".


If there's no "Unblock" button shown, the file isn't being blocked by your operating system, and your problem is something else.

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