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Sync to only one machine in LAN from Internet?


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I have two machines on my home LAN (H1 is always on, H2 is only on sometimes) and one machine at work (W1) that all sync the same folder. When I add files to (W1), I am seeing that BTSync is uploading to BOTH (H1) and (H2) at the same time.

My upload speed is limited (ADSL). Is this uploading the same data twice (to H1 and H2)? Or is it uploading different data (H1) and (H2), which then sync with each other over the home LAN?

I can see the same file being transferred to both machines, and the file is under 4MB, so I assume it is uploading the same data twice over the Internet?

I saw in the FAQ that I can limit a folder to sync only via LAN by disabling tracker, relay and DHT. So I did that on (H2), thinking that when I added files (W1) it would upload ONLY to (H1), and then (H1) would sync with (H2) over the home LAN.

But even after restarting BTSync on (H2), I can see that (W1) is still uploading to both (H1) and (H2).

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