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Can not connect to the peers


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Clueless one here with a similar problem: I've used bitttorrent for a while now, but still don't really understand what's happening.  I'm now running it on XP through a proxy [sOCKS5].


Mostly it works and I've done "checkmyip" and that always works fine.   BUT: I have a few that are just _stuck_ on "connecting to peers",.   Does that, basically, generally mean that it is a broken torrent [e.g., noone is actually supporting it any more]?  As I look at my bittorent right now, one torrent that is working fine has about 16 entries in the tracker section [in addition to the usual [dht], [local peer discovery] and [peer exchange]].  I just restarted it and two or three are 'working', I have a few "invalid URLs" and among there others there are a few timesouts and errors.  BUT: the download actulally started long before the trackers started updating.  So I clearly don't understand how trackers fit into the protocol,.  And in any event that torrent is going fine.  Another torrent, though, has just two trackers and both are "connection timed out"  and is stuck on "connection to peers".  Both [timed out] trackers list two peers.


Is there some way to figure out what's going on?    My guess is that it is a dead/orphaned torrent.  [is there someplace where you can check if a torrent is actually 'alive' or not?]  Thanks!

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