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Finding Peers


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I've started using torrent downloads for about 2 months now.But in the last two weeks, my torrent is unable to detect any peers. I've tried other clients and it was the same result.Whereas the laptop of my friend is able to detect and download data from the same torrent easily. I'm new to this whole thing and would like some guidance . Thanks in advance.

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Possibly i have the same problem. I use bittorrent for many years, but since a few days, it says finding peers..... but does not download any torrent.

these are all brand new torrents with many seeders.

I do not know if this was after the latest update.

I now use  version 7.8.1

possibly it changed some settings? please help.


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internet security is AVG


trackers tab says:


name                              status

[DHT]                              waiting for announce.........

[local peer discovery]     working

[peer excange]               working

udp.............                   connection timed out

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I have a similar problem - just started happenning this week.


If I interrupt a download (by going into standby) - then when I log back in, bittorrent doesn't start my download. It appears to be working normally, and can see seeds and leachers, but the download rate is 0 (and the upload rate is 0). Upload and download rates occaisionally jump to 0.2 briefly, then back to zero).


If I STOP the download, wait, then restart it again - it still doesn't work. I can see the peers list fill up, but no data transfer.


Updating trackers doesn't do anything. 


If i CLOSE bittorrent, then restart it - it fixes itself and works again.

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