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Downloads from public wifi not working


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I'm currently travelling round the world on my motorbike, taking advantage of free wifi in hotels when I can to download movies etc. Am in Bangkok at the moment for repairs, visas and paperwork, and am having trouble connecting - hopefully someone here can lend a hand?


I'm at a hotel for the next week that has free wifi for guests, and have been able to click on magnet links and have bittorrent load these correctly. However, once the torrents are loaded in to the client, they are sitting on 'connecting to peers', and do not start to download.


I have used bittorrent via a decent amount of different connections with no problems, and have not changed any of my system settings. I believe the issue lies with the hotels connection, and was hoping someone here might be able to suggest a workaround?


For your reference, internet connections in Thailand have unlimited monthly upload/downloads - so using bittorrent to transfer large amounts of data is not going to result in large fees for the connection owners


Cheers in advance for any help anyone can provide



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I face the same issue in KSA. What i don't understand is that if i start the download in a private area (but i don't really want to used BitTorrent permanently even shortly in that area) the download start succesfully, then i stop it and restart it in a public area and it works. If i try to start the download from the public area i'm stuck on 'connection to peers' as well. Soud strange for me, no ? How could a port issue be fix by that way around ?



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The same to me.. In my entire life I have never been so impotent with a program.. I never use to write on this forums, cuz usually the answer for the issue appears thanks to Saint google..


I´ve been downloading from a public network for around a 7 months.. then as a magic trick, every torrent just stay on ¨CONNECTING TO TORRENT¨..  I´ve tried by several ways for fixing for 1 week at least.. and with the same surprise, something changed, and back to download..


Now I have 2 weeks trying every thing.. I have opened the specifically port for bittorrent (with every reinstalled program), install and reinstall several times, try with Utorrent and Bitcomet, allowing connections for TCP and UDP, I still dont remember anyelse I did..


Just really tired for trying to fix this issue..

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