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Cancel Forch Re-check?


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Hello. I selected Force Re-Check on a file that I am having trouble downloading. The Re-Check is going really slow. I have not found a way to cancel it so I can resume downloading. Is there a way to do this? Thank you.

Sorry. This is an edit to the original post and I didn't want to scatter a bunch of threads everywhere. If I should post this in the Troubleshooting forum, then I will. The real problem that i seem to be having is a "Torrent Error: Element not found". I am not skipping any files. Has there been any headway in figuring this error out? Thanks again.

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Re-check seemed pretty stubborn.

I am not skipping files and yes there are a few media types in this dl. I searched my client and here for the "index" and "indexing". Client: nothing. Here: not specific to me. Unless I should have the file "index.js". I don't. All I have is an EXE (portable?). But, this problem has been very rare and not nearly as persistent as it is right now. I, just now, started prioritizing the files. And will dl another client installer to check the files.

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The programs that use (not necessarily associated) the A/V file types in the dl are:

Any DVD Converter


VideoPad Video Editor


Windows Media Player

A few of the files are AVI, that's Quicktime's format. And, you mentioned ITunes. They are both Apple. There may have been a mention of an Apple program in another post. If it happens agian, I'll uninstall QuickTime and either edit this post, if there is not a reply, or a new post, if there is a reply, with the results tonight (if it doesn't work) or tomorrow (if it does). I think I said that right. Any way, over night is the real test.

When I do the Force Re-check, it does get better for awhile. Though, it eventually gets worse.

This is an Edit

After my last Force Re-Check and before this post, I had uninstalled some new programs, that I had decided not to use. After this post, I went to the client and noticed that some of the files that I, previously downloaded were green. It appears that the conflict is resolved. Again, I'll check back later.

(Sorry, I got news about my son, so this took a back seat) I, still, get the error. I have uninstalled all of my A/V software, restarted the computer and did a Force Re-Check, 1 prog. @ a time.

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I have a new clue. One of the pieces loads up to so many blocks and the stalls, always at the same number. In that piece is a green section. This is the theory part. When that piece caches or writes that piece it gives me the error. I may have missed this before, because, a) I am new and b ) I thought what was green had a higher priority or are in the que or some thing else good (that's the way it looks, to me, so far, in the Files tab). I got to this by setting every file but one to high priority (moving down the list one file at a time and almost getting a whole file before the error) and all the others to low. However, the file above it is stuck at 99.7% (it's on high priority). To dl any substantial amount, I have set the file below the one with the green section to high priority and the file with the green piece to low. What is this green section in the Pieces tab?

Edit 1

It may not be that. The piece with green is the first piece of the file. Three times now, I have seen the first piece of the file below dl, to completion and the same Element Not Found error occurs. So, now I have 0% of one file and 99.9% of another file and for both it seems that the first piece is the culprit. The file in the above paragraph at 99.7%, seems to not be finishing, no pieces of that file are in the Pieces tab. I am wondering if it is a bad torrent, but a lot of seeders have sprung up pretty fast.

Also, is there a list of what pieces have been downloaded?

Edit 2

Never mind. It fixed itself. Thanks anyways.

Close thread.

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