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Another 'Finding peers' problem


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I've been using Bittorrent for quite a while, mostly successfully. A week ago I used it to download a large file succesfully, and Ieft it seeding for a couple of days so I have a healthy share ratio. Today I'm trying to download a similar file and I'm getting 'Finding peers' permanently and nothing coming down. BT is telling me that there are 228 seeds and 22 peers in the swarm but I have none connected.


I have tried the following:

* disabled all firewall and anti-virus

* closing BT, deleting the dat files and starting up again

* deleting all torrents and data and starting again

* using a different computer

* restarting the wifi router and pc

* shouting at the computer

* vuze


I can't think of a single thing more to try, please help me!


Screenshot attached.





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[DHT]  /  Not allowed

[Local peer discovery]  /  Not allowed

[Peer exchange]  /  Not allowed

http://jungleland.dnsalias.com/announce.php/81d9011c3bf1b22d60acf5689d359fa5/announce  /  (status blank)


The first 3 rows are blank in 'Update In', and have zeros for Seeds, Peers and Downloaded

The fourth row has 247 Seeds, 20 Peers and 492 in Downloaded. It's also counting down from about 39 minutes in "Update In".

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