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sync freeze


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Guys I'm new to this forum and new to bittorrentsync, I'm not a particularly computer literate person so please excuse me if the answer to my problem is obvious.


I installed bittorrentsync on 2 Windows PC's one running XP and the other Win7 , The XP machine is located at my business premises and the Win 7 is at home 


I want to be able to sync a quickbooks file between the 2 PC's, I set up the sync which seemed quite straightforward and the initial sync went perfectly, both PC's were in sync but today after making changes to the quickbooks file at work, I opened up the Win 7 PC at home to see if it synced ok but the download stuck at 8.7mb and the under the "Transfers Tab"  it stated no transfers were taking place even though the bittorrentsync icon was circling as if to suggest it was, I left it fully 45 minutes but it never moved from 8.7mb



Any help or advice would be much appreciated



Many thanks




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