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Bandwidth Allocation


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I've noticed that when uploading more than one torrent at once, if I have one torrent that is at high priority (meaning that I want that to take absolute priority over everything at the lower levels) and another at normal, the one at normal will chew up bandwidth that COULD be going to the higher priority torrent. 


When I stop uploading the lower priority torrent, I will notice that the speed of the higher priority torrent will increase, if not to my maximum upload speed, then by a significant amount.


In my mind, if this feature were working properly, then it would only divert bandwidth to lower priority torrents when your maximum bandwidth isn't being used up by those torrents on the high priority tier.


Thank you.

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I don't understand what you mean by bandwidth availability, I'm talking about uploading not downloading.


I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about.  Let's say that I have the capicty to upload at 1300 KB/s, and torrent A is in demand, but not enough to utilize all of that bandwidth all the time.  Let's say that torrent A is currently using 800 KB/s. 


When I turn on torrent B, torrent B uses 700 KB/s instead of the logical 500.


If I have something at a different priority tier, I don't think anything on that tier should slow down because of something on a lower tier. 


Torrents on the high, normal, and low tiers all seem to behave the same way, splitting the bandwidth evenly.  I am not sure what affect setting priority has at all given this.

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