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Completed downloads vanished


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I am using the BitTorret plugin on Torch Version (4626) and directing my completed files to my "Downloads".  A couple days ago, I opened Torch and noticed my "All" list was empty and the seeding torrents were gone. 


I thought nothing of it at first, until tonight I was listening to some music and noticed a lot of files (movies, tv shows) that I had gotten from BitTorrent were actually gone from the folder.  I opened Torch and noticed that only the torrent present on the plugin had the corresponding files on the C drive - everything else was gone! 


There was nothing in the Trash or Recycle Bin.  When I made a search through my entire disk, it brought up shortcuts to a few folders of stuff that are missing, however clicking on them brings up a box telling me the shortcut doesn't work because the files have been modified or moved.  


I haven't moved any file anywhere, so where have they gone?  Is there any way of recovering anything, it'd stink big time to have to download again all that material I hadn't watched yet! 


Thank you for your help, 



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