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.torrent file not being moved after completed downloads

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Hi, apologies if this is a repeat, but after searching several times and then looking through posts by hand, I cannot find anyone with the same problem.


Since around five or six months ago, BT is not moving many of the torrent files for completed jobs to where I am telling it to; they remain in the original dir.


Is there an issue with having a space in the dir name?

Is it related to one of the updates? (now needs BT to be started in admin mode? etc.)


As others are not getting this issue, perhaps it is system specific, but need to cover these bases first before looking at Win updates that might have caused it ...

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I have a similar problem.. My torrents no longer land in the folders named after their labels.. The used to, but after re-re-reinstalling Bittorrent.. they stopped.



I know I'm missing Something simple but .. what?

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Please let us know when the lable = folder thing gets repaired...

The Advanced/Download Directory only works intermitantly.  I always know when it doesn't work because the file(s) stop being available for upload.


Thanks in advance.

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