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Please direct me to correct discussion for setting up BT Sync and whether it's what I need


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I saw a post on Facebook about using BT Sync for data backup... Wasn't sure where the data goes... To a cloud somewhere? To my amazon, to a 2nd computer or external drive?

I am obviously not savvy when it comes to this, but I have fiddled with Cloudberry and Fast Glacier, and it had issues and failures, and my amazon account showed thousands and thousands of what they called "requests" and as a result, seemed pricey.

I need to backup lots of files, since I do a lot of graphics, etc, and given size of the files and folders, it is difficult to find an easy to use solution, and not too expensive.

Is there something here I can benefit from, and do you have to be a developer to set up and /or utilize correctly?

Hope someone can assist... Thanks so much...Frustrated in Florida...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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