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HELP!! Works sometimes but sometimes not


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I have been a user of BitTurrent for a very long time, but still can't get my head around on the whole DHT, port forwarding deal.

I use BTGuard and I have the proper Port forwarded on my Netgear Router, but still I get a Red circle or a Yellow triangle saying there is an issue with my port forward. This is not all the time but it does happen more and more lately.

Is there a script or a service that I can buy or use that will correct all issues or even something that will input tge correct settings automatically when this happens? It seems to happen when I need it most and I just have to figure it out.

If there is anyone that can help that would be great, or even someone I can give remote access to that can get in and Makesure all settings are correct.

I would also like to have BTGuard auto start when Bitturrent does or the other way around. It would also be nice that once a video has been completed it would automatically be converted into MP4, is there a way I can do that ?

Thank you to all of you that have brought to us little propel the power of file sharing.

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