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Where did the trackers list go?

Guest Jaye

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Im not sure what version i was running before, but i just got a new computer and installed version 7.5 and i think I hate it. There is no "trackers" tab on the bottom. I relied on that tab, so I could delete trackers that were known to crash the system. Now that i cant do that - or even seem to find a list of trackers, so at least id know if i want to download that file or not - i dont even want to use the program at all. Not worth the risk. Am I just missing something here? Some new setting or something? Or is the option to view and/or delete trackers really gone in version 7.5? and if it is gone, how do i go back to a version that had that feature? Can I do an install of an old version? I cant just roll it back as I am on a new system, and I cant get into my old one to migrate.

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