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undiscovered local peer


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Oddity discovered, so far ,...

I just started to us the latest Beta 3.1 Beta build 25835, My first test of this install was to place a known successful download to me into it, via another PC I have,...

(upon my own network): This download was successful upon the remote networked PC, which is an Older Pentium 3, at a very slow 450mhz, 256 RAM, {which is why I am reluctant to update a fully working uTorrent, and wonder if the above will still be not only compatible but wont slow this PC down even more than it is now)-

Its running uTorrent 1.8 Beta build 10853. I just looked and there is a successful connection, but no activity at all at this juncture,... more over the above newer, uTorrent and the requested download has not discovered this local peer nor it as an non local peer, I wonder'ing why?

I have now, as I finish this discussion writing the topic, have been running the (downloading = "yes," from 2 other peers, non local), for 60 mins, total file(s) size for said download = 556m and have 6.0% of so far, but not from myself local peerage!

And I still have not yet found myself!!?? Hmmmmm!?

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