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Guest JSL

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Hi all, sorry this may sound noob but Im no techy so just gonna ask u guys why many of my torrents downloads stopped around 99% & it'll take a long time before it completely finish & ready to seed? I notice this behavior even for torrents that I got good connection & download speed was good, once it hits around 98~99% it'll starts slowing down or just stop, why is that?

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Guest OhPervyOne

Also, BT could just be lagging behind the system a little bit.

I have noticed (with my old BT, Ver 5.0.8) that BT will display "99%" while in the background it is "Finishing" (and sometimes it actually displays "Finishing"), which means, what it is really doing is transferring the completed Download to the BitTorrent Downloads folder.

AFTER it finishes copying everything over, THEN it displays "Complete" and changes to 100%

This can be truly Dramatic (Traumatic, even!) with one of those 9-Gig torrents, like when you d/l an entire season of a certain television show, or a movie trilogy in HD.

ESPECIALLY if your "Incomplete" folder is on a different drive or partition from the BT Downloads folder. Transferring those files can seriously lock upyour machine until it's done... and those BIG Torrents can take HOURS to x-fer, even with a fast SATA drive.

(I will neve make THAT mistake again.)

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