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Newbie: Using Private Bittorrent Can I Share My External?


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I am trying to get my head around how BitTorrent works differently to my normal torrent client (transmission which i use for public and private trackers). 


I dl BitTorrent as i wanted to private torrent share.  I have been using cloud storage but a bit tired of uploading first.


I wanted to use to share my external with my friend in another country.  So they can then see whats on there and then dl at good speeds, resume, what they desire. also using torrent technology this means i only need to seed what they requested to dl.  There are many sub folders on my external and many files.


I use a macbook and they use windows PC


is this possible using private Bit Torrent feature?


when I went to create a private torrent, it asked me for a tracker name. so then i was lost. as its just me and my friend.  I looked at gigatribe, but the upload speed was awful (34kpbs) and my upload speed typically is 400kpbs.  When I dl torrent typically (from public and private trackers) they typically come down around 700kpbs.


thankyou in advance.

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