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Hi! I'm Having Some Issues With The Download Speed


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Hi there!
So my total download speed is around 2.8 MBPS (http://www.speedtest.net/result/3210593554.png) and sometimes it goes around 4 MBPS, but the problem is whenever I try to download from BitTorrent it only goes around 30 KBPS. Last time, I had no problems with BitTorrent, everything was smooth. It downloads around 360 KB/s but now, I'm literally crying from the slow download speed it gives. But when I try to download with google chrome or Orbit downloader, it goes around 200 KBPS. I've called my ISP and there seems to be nothing wrong. 
If there's anyone I call call right now, or a customer service hotline. Can you please post it here? I'd love to talk with you guys regarding this issue, and I know you guys can help me :D
Thank you very much!


From alt+g




Edit:: The one I'm downloading has a nice health level and also it's a yify upload, it has around 10k+ seeders and 5k leechers

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Hello Harold Feit!


Thank you very much for the fast reply, you are amazing!


Uhm, I'm not much of a very techy person, so can you please tell me what I should do with link that you shared? I don't understand one bit. Lol, I'm so sorry. 

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I see. 


Thank you very much Harold Feit! You've been a good help. At least now, I could confirm it's with my ISP not some kind of internal error or something. If there's any survey to rate my experience with you, I'd be more than happy to give you a perfect score. Anyway, thank you. I'm gonna call my ISP but what should I ask them? Lol, should I ask them that why is it when I'm trying to download torrents, it's very slow compared to downloading non-torrent files?

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