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Slow Dls This Start Of Year


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Why does my dl speed is so slow?

it only ranges from 1-10 kbps ? any torrents I try only have that speed(these have good seeds).even those that I have already downloaded before(when I dled these , the speed could reach up to 120+ kbps....).

This problem was only this year...before my vacation the speed was ok.there was no problem...

I know there is no problem with my internet connection because I could browse properly and I could even download files from browsers faster than before(which is kind of weird for me because it was kind of slow and unreliable before)...any problems?


and btw unrelated to the topic, several months before, I have already set the port forwarding and have checked it and it says port is open..but several months after, it changed to not open? why? (this was already happened before the slow dls this year, I just neglected it because I really did not mind it because the speed was still fine eventhough it says the port is not open.so if you want to answer this querry then thank you very much but it still depends on you :D...I just want answers from the first querry.)



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