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Setting up WebUI


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Hey all

Been using torrents for awhile, but only recently found out about the webUI option. After some tinkering I enabled my Upnp on router and in bittorrent. I now get both green ticks when I run the setup guide test. My only issue now is that I don't know which port to use in the http://"ip":"port"/gui

I have disabled randomize ports in preferences>connections and set my prefered port - pretend it's 123456. However, in the the network section of the setup guide, it says current port: (o:random) followed by my preferred port number (123456)...

putting 123456 doesn't work in the URL, and obviously neither does 0 or 0:random... would really appreciate some help - I'm sure it's just a small setting or something I'm missing. Thanks :)

P.S. - *123456* is not my actual port number

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If you're using a random port in your main connections setting, it is STRONGLY recommended you set an alternate listen port in the webui settings and use that.

Thanks for the quick reply! The default is 8080 - should I use that? And would that be what I use for the WebUI URL?

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