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Got an e-mail (don't know why) from a website called sharefest this is what it said:


n your case, I think you should use our new downloader which works like sharefest but with your Amazon server.

See this guide to get started:
<link munched for user safety>
What is your domain? I want to configure your account.
You may need to enable CORS in your webserver http://enable-cors.org if it is not enabled already
I am Hadar, one of the creators of Sharefest, and I write to you because you signed up for our beta. We would be happy to collaborate and p2p your website! Please describe in two or three sentences what you are looking for so we could fit a solution for you... 
If you can also answer some questions we'll be even more productive:
  1. What are you trying to transfer p2p? (i.e images, big files, video)
  2. Who is your hosting vendor? (i.e GoDaddy/Amazon/Akamai)
  3. How much traffic do you have per month? (i.e 500TB)
  4. Where your audience is mostly located? (i.e China/Brazil/Russia)
Shortly after, we will assist you and get your site accelerated!
Sharefest Team :)
This is their website
Does anyone know if this is a safe website, and especiallt how do you use it lol?
I have sent e-mails back and forth to this person and he responded with what I should do, and it looks like you need a degree in computer engineering to do it!
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