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Can't Find Individual Music Files


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I was having an incoming connection problem.  Somewhere online I read instructions to load all my music, which was stored in my Downloads folder, into one torrent (forgive me if my terminology is incorrect), using:


http://IP Address:44495/announce

I ended up with a file called Downloads-2 with the Bittorrent icon beside it (still in the Downloads folder), together with all my other music folders.


Now in my Downloads folder, whenever I click on one of the music folders, instead of seeing the individual songs, it says "Folder is Empty".  When I click on the Downloads-2 torrent file, it takes me to Bittorrent where it says, "The Torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents.  Do you want to load the trackers from it?"  If I click yes, nothing happens.  So now I have a file in Bittorrent that says Downloads.  When I open it, there is a box with two tabs:  General, which shows the http info above and Advanced, which is basically empty.


I don't know where my individuals songs are and am very upset.  Obviously, I did something wrong.  Please help.

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What started this mess was my attempt to become connectable (one tip was to create one torrent which included all my downloads).  I didn't think this would help but I was willing to try anything.


For months, I've been able to download only and I feel bad that other users can't connect to me.  For years, I was fine.  Then all of a sudden I became unconnectable.  I've spent dozens and dozens of hours reading everything I could fine online about this problem.  My firewall is set to allow Bittorrent, my ISP provider confirms all ports are open and has never encountered a situation where the router had to be manually forwarded.  I even paid $30.00 to portforward.com (what a rip-off) to assist me.  They confirmed that all my settings were accurate and then stopped communicating with me when they didn't know to fix the problem.  Of course, I couldn't get a refund.


So I've finally accepted that I will never be able to correct this problem.


Thanks for your response to my initial enquiry.

I meant to say ... where the "port" had to be manually forwarded.

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