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Internet Keeps Getting Disconnected


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Ok so yesterday, and please before anyone tells me I should not have done it, I ALREADY KNOW.


I watched a youtube video on how to up your performance and download faster and what settings to change, now it will download for a few minutes and disconnect my internet, to where I have to go and re-set my router.


I just want to get it back to where I can download and not have to watch it constantly to see if I have a connection or not, and Im not sure what to do without making mistakes. Thought about removing my bittorrent and installing a new one but hate to lose what I already have downloading.


Please help!




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Remove the settings files (settings.dat and settings.dat.old) from %appdata%\bittorrent (enter that in start - run or the address bar of a windows explorer window) with BitTorrent closed. This will reset BitTorrent's settings to defaults and let you go through the process to configure the settings again.

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