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Slow Download Speed On Torrents.

Chip Chipperson

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Hey Guys,


Before my problem my download speed for torrents was usually 400kB/s, when I do speedtest.net I always get a download speed of 4mB/s.


But recently my download speed for torrents from sites like piratebay.ca and other torrent sites is currently at 1-3kB/s. But when I torrent slackware torrents I get my before speed of 400kB/s.


I'm in the UK so there is a lot of internet censorship at the moment, thus using pirateproxy.ca and other proxy sites.


So my questions are any other UK users experiencing this?

Or do you think its a problem on my end that needs to be fixed?

Or are the ISP's limiting proxy sites download speeds? 



Thanks for the help guys.

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Thanks for the speedy reply Harold Feit.


I didn't use a setup guide because I'm a noob, if you could link one that you would recommend.


An hour after I posted my problem my torrent download speed went back to 400kB/s.


Not use if its the ISP fucking around with torrent sites if now its back to normal.


Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the speedy reply.


Again tonight at peak time the torrent download speed went down to 1kB/s.


I went thought the link you sent me, and I have enabled Protocol Encryption.


Now my torrent download speed at peak internet time is around 350kB/s.


I think this has solved the problem, UK ISP's are quite strict on torrent sites so maybe they were throttling my torrent download speed.


I will keep you posted if any more problems arise.


Thank you for the help Harold Feit.

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