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Tracker Problem


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Hi everyone, 


I am fairly new to using torrents and have encountered a problem. I have been on vacation for about a month and haven't used the client in that time. Now, when I've opened it and tried to continue seeding, the status bar of every torrent is red and all of the trackers show a "not allowed" status.

Also, when I have clicked "check for updates", I got an error message saying "Unable to connect Bittorent update server".

Could anyone give me a suggestion as to what to do? Thanks.

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Hi Harold, 


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The actual tracker status is offline (timed out). 


I'm not sure if it matters in this issue but when I ran a test through the setup guide, I've found the following regarding the network: "port is not open (you are still able to download)."

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