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Unable To Complete Download Or Delete Data


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I use BitTorrent 7.8.2 on Windows7.

Today I have tried downloading a large video and accidentally executed the file in the beginning of the download. The player launched but stopped responding soon after playing the first couple of seconds. 

I have terminated the player process, stopped the torrent and deleted it, believing the file to be corrupted. After I restarted the download the torrent client now freezes every time it reaches the same spot where I stopped it before, about 0,9%, and the video file can't be deleted from the drive - any process which attempts to access the file goes into an endless loading. Needless to say, the file has already marked the real estate on the HDD as its own, despite not being on my machine yet.


I would be grateful, if someone could suggest a way to revert the situation to normal.


Best regards,


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