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Hdd Cloned To Ssd > Bittorrent Does Not Recognise Completed And Incomplete Files With Path Set In The Hdd


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Hello everyone, I cloned my primary drive with OS and programs on the SSD .. data remained on mechanical disk. the problem is that Bittorrent no longer recognizes incomplete files .. (in the old hdd mechanic) (neither do I know where they are) how do I import it? 



how do i keep the downloads files to the hard mechanic? because if I install again bittorrent does not make me choose the path .. 


thanks in advance


i created a small image to explain better



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If the location is different you either need to remove and re-add with the new location set in preferences or you need to set download location on all the torrents.

If you set download location, you need to force a re-check before resuming.

remove and re-add torrent files you mean?


i set new download location and after i clicked "force re-check" results: 0% all torrent

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I can then set the download location for each file? I knew you could do it just for bittorrent (so for all downloads) 


If i set a torrent already downloaded at 50%, it will continue from the correct position? temporary files are in the download folder? 


If I download 50 pictures of van gogh to 50% then 25 photos. these 25 photos are already in the download folder or are in temporary files folder?


Thanks again!  :)

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