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Pleeeeeeease Help


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I tried downloading the Project Reality BF2 ISO. It works for awhile, gets to 0.1% downloaded then it says


"The process cannot access the file because it's being used by another process WriteToDisk"


I put the Daemon Tools Ultra file of the game into a VHD that I made. Just dragged and dropped the icon into the hard drive. Took about 2-3 minutes to copy in. Is this why it won't work? How do I delete the stupid VHD? 

Thanks for the help guys, i've been trying desperately to play this game since last night...

When I click on the HDD new VHD on daemon tools and try to open the file it says the image has been corrupted too. Don't know if that's relevant information.

I deleted the VHD, it doesn't even show up on my computer anymore. STILL having the problem.

I try to delete the file in downloads and it says it cannot because its in Disc Soft Bus Service.

I try to uninstall Daemon tools and it says please wait until its done being changed. I unmounted everything, WTF IS GOING ON!?????????????

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