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Download Isn't Working


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Last week I wanted to use Bittorent after a month not using it, but it doesn't work.

I try to download some torrents but they don't start downloading, but uploading works fine.

I've reset my router, so my settings could be the problem. Bittorent says my network is working as should.


I've made some screenshots where you can see my settings. The port should be open, NAT is open, my firewall isn't blocking.


The port which I use should be open (see screenshot).

My router: Arcadyan VGV7519


Can someone help me?




Screenshot album: www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=AGDLZ4VZ


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So you have a couple torrents with horridly faked stats, and are using a listen port known to be actively interfered with by MANY internet providers worldwide.


Additionally, the number of active torrents BitTorrent is trying to keep running is too high not only for your connection but for the connection limits it set.

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