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Recently BitTorrent has become slower and slower. It used to take at max a single second for the program to start up. Now it can easily take 15+ seconds, which becomes increasingly frustrating. One of the best parts about BitTorrent was how lightweight it was - it did everything instantly. I'm not sure whether this is caused by recent updates or if there is something incorrect on my system, but is there any way to troubleshoot this? Any temp files to delete that can generally cause slowness? Or any tips or tricks as to how this can be solved? On some days, it becomes so annoying I want to switch clients, which I honestly don't want to do since BitTorrent has all the features I want and used to do everything instantly.


Any help is appreciated.

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What internet security software do you have installed?

What setup guide did you follow to configure BitTorrent?


Thanks for the reply!

I have Norton Internet Security.

Actually, I've been torrenting for years now, and since this is a brand new computer with it installed, I've just followed my own guide that I've configured over the years.


I did, however, go through the AppData folder now and notice in the folder "updates" there were multiple versions of BitTorrent lying there. I deleted every single one except for the newest one on my system, and the program just suddenly boosted into high-gear and went back to running as fast as lightning. Gorgeous to have the speed back, but disappointed that the previous version files weren't automatically deleted upon program updates. It seems to work again perfectly now, and I'm very thankful for that, but also slightly nervous if the slowness is going to come back any second if I didn't actually solve it.

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Microsoft Security Essentials.

Does the same job, with fewer false positives, fewer false negatives and less system resources used.


Make sure that if you DO uninstall norton to run their removal utility as well.


Thank you very much for the info! I'll be sure to use the Removal Utility to uninstall all the Norton components, I'll make sure I have the updated version of Microsoft Security Essentials on my computer and hopefully I never experience the slowness again, in addition to all other benefits that comes my way! I greatly appreciate your help!

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