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Problems Seeding Torrents With Embedded Bittorrent


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Hi I have "Embedded BitTorrent" on my nas.


When I add a torrent that already has its data downloaded in the download folder.


(in my nas settings choosen as the BitTorrent download folder).


BT checks the data for a few secs, but then ingores that fact the data is already there and justs downloads the the whole torrent.

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Thank you for your reply, yes true and I tried that first which is why, I asked here in the first place, but the problem the manfacturer is Buffalo and they know less about their own hardware than I.


This was their responce...


Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting the Buffalo Helpdesk.

As previous phone conversation, I have been checking the Bittorrent client option and the Webaccess music player option.

Regarding the bittorrent, the linkstation comes with a Bittorrent Client, not a Bittorrent server so the feature you are looking for is not available.

What you can do is to download the file you want to seed and once has been downloaded it will start to be seeded.

Or you can create the torrent file of your local file using uTorrent, then you will download it (that won't take long because is stored locally) and then it will start to be seeded.


So in other words don't bother trying to reseed torrrents just redownload the torrent everytime you want to seed anything, I was hopiing somone here would be able to help since this forum is owned by the chaps that codded the thing in the first place, I need to know if buffalo are correct in the above statement to it sounds like they made it up

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