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Cant See Downloads (Hidden Label Has Nothing?)


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When i download a torrent, i get the pop up menu with boxes to check/uncheck what i want to download. Recently i am not getting it, and when i try again i get the message saying trackers are allready downloaded use them or not.


In my hidden labels it shows (2) but there is nothing on the list.


Anyone know what i can do?

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I have the same problem.


I started a torrent download, but on the "add torrent" window - I think I alt-tabbed back to Chrome. When I came back to BitTorrent the "add torrent" window wasn't there any more. I couldn't see the new download on my download list.


When I clicked on the torrent in chrome again, bittorrent says that the torrent is already running ("do you want to add the trackers to it"). But the torrent is not on the list (and my internet activity shows it is not trying to download).


But also - when I try to add ANY new torrent - they don't add anymore either! The BitTorrent tab on the task bar flashes yellow once, then nothing. If I try to add the torrent again it says it's already there even though it isn't.


Rebooting didn't fix it.

Uninstalling BitTorrent and re-installing BitTorrent didn't fix it!




An update:


In options I de-selected the [When adding torrents] "Show options to change the name and location...".

Now new torrents add correctly.


But, my torrent list is 1-6 then 8 (so number 7 on the list is missing!)


But if I re-select the "show options..." and try to add a torrent the bit torrent window comes to the front but the torrent doesn't add and I get nothing from BitTorrent. But then if I de-select and try the same torrent - it adds correctly.

...and more. Under "labels" there is 1 listed as hidden. But if I click on "hidden" none appear on the list.

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Same thing seems to have happened to me here.  I was attempting to dowload a torrent, the screes suddenly went blank - looked like a media player box, and then there was nothing in my bittorrent screen. Unable to paste print-screen below. Any ideas?  Many Thanks, Riaz




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It appears I have a similar issue. I actually came from uTorrent and found the problem affects BitTorrent and qTorrent alike. It came out of the blue but might be related to my antivirus quarantining two files from my AppData/Local/Temp folder. I'm still exploring this.

Meanwhile I found that, for uTorrent atleast, simply hitting the Enter button as if the popup window WERE there, it still loads the torrent. If I fail to do so immediately, I cannot do it afterwards and I get the 'torrent already in the list' situation. Eventually I find these torrents under 'hidden' (thank you Billyburu), and also, deselecting the Options pop-up under 'When Adding Torrents' bypasses the problem (unlike williamskevin), but the knowledge that apparently I had this 'invisible window' bothers me, especially since my virus scanner had picked up on something.

Anyway, hope this helps, but also I'd like to find the source of this problem.

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