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No Seed Speed


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Hello everyone im new here.


Im having a problem I cant seem to solve,,  

downloading is really good, but for some reason the upload speed is not there at all.


Ive tryed believe everything from checking to see if provider blocks anything to settings in bittorent to portforwarding in my router.


Im still not seeding, every great once in a while it will start to seed then go back to 0.


I keep reading how ppl that can seed are trying turn it off and the ppl who want to cant LOL.


Please help as this is driving me crazy


God Bless

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having similar problem one day I could seed then one day I couldnt. I'm using various torrent sites to download from. I think something is blocking my seeding. I have 2 computers same on each. could norton internet secutity be a problem I tried with it disabled and the fire wall disabled. Could it be my isp. are or is there ways to check.Im assuming seeding and uploading are same or similar. and in order to allow this in norton I am using bittorrent what or how do I allow this what do i call the program 

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